School Break Camp, February 18th – 22nd.

I am not going away, so what on earth should I do with my kids during school Holiday to keep them busy and happy?

Luckily there’s a solution right in your own community… CASA, a new home for boys and girls ages 3 – 12 to stimulate their Creative, Athletic, Science and Arts skills every school holiday.

We all love spending quality time with our kids, but many parents work over school’s holiday and summer break, and others simply need time to take care of other obligations. Our mission is to offer parents the convenience and certainty that their kids are safe, happy, and forging lasting relationship with peers, while at the same gaining life-long skills and improving their athletic and soccer skills.

Helping Parents Every School’s Holiday… 

CASA Holiday Camp is designed to provide your child a memorable moment every school break that addresses their social, cognitive, physical and educational growth in a safe, creative, and challenging environment.

Each day begins with a morning meeting, followed by soccer activities, visual arts, technology and performing arts. From the gym to the art room, kids are consistently challenged through age specific activities designed for children to have fun while challenging them mentally to understand teamwork, good sportsmanship, make new friends, respect, creativity, leadership, responsibility, appreciation, courage, competition and self-belief.

Camp Structure:
 ages 3 – 5  
At this stage, kids are exposed to stimulating environment from the gym to the art room to enjoy playing soccer, create arts & crafts, explore the world around them, and develop excellent social and emotional skills. Activities are intended to develop self-confidence, teamwork, responsibility, self-awareness, creativity, listening and decision making skills. We also want to stimulate their knowledge of counting, colors, shapes, patterns and expose them to important math & science concepts. In addition, kids participate in creating arts & crafts within a specific theme and much more.​

ages 6 – 12  
A more advanced and intensive environment filled with activities for children to expand their skills and knowledge of the game in a safe, enjoyable and challenging environment. Our activities are  designed not only to teach soccer skills but also knowledge in order to help children make healthy choices. We also bring science, physics and math alive in our drills. In addition, former and actual professional soccer player will make special appearances throughout the week.