Creativity Soccer Pro enrichment program is a combination of age appropriate soccer activities, physical education, and fun games that are designed to educate, challenge, encourage all students. Our aim is to develop in the knowledge, skills, and attitude that the children need for a healthy, skillful and active lifestyle regardless of age, athletic talent, physical, or mental abilities.

Creativity Soccer Pro has teamed up with a number of Daycare Centers, Preschools, Elementary and Middle schools around NYC to offer a quality soccer program, which takes place at their school during school or after school hours. The goal of this program is to make learning fun so that children will develop a desire to be lifelong learners, while simultaneously extending awareness of their body’s capabilities, develop exceptional social and emotional skills, improving fundamental movement, and ultimately supplementing what being taught during school hours.

Through this program, Creativity Soccer Pro provides a stimulating environment for students to enjoy the game and explore the world around them. They will also develop leadership skills, enhanced coordination, and receive all the health benefits of an active lifestyle. In addition of the fitness initiatives inspired by Creativity Soccer Pro, we also think that it is our mission to use the game in order to teach important valuable life lessons. The building blocks of confidence, commitment, sportsmanship, and responsibility that the children learn on the soccer pitch can translate into better success in the classroom.

What sets us apart is our unique way of designing fun classes that coordinate with the existing age-appropriate school curriculum. We want to give each child the possibility to grow socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically while learning the most beautiful of sports.

Kids will learn more than just great soccer techniques and how to play the game. They will learn about teamwork, perseverance, anticipation, decisions making skills. Our classes are delivered by credentialed coaches to ensure a quality experience for each child. We offer equipment such as soccer balls, t-shirts, nets.

We are a Department Of Education (DOE) approved program and we have been delivering exceptional experience to students throughout NYC. You can rest easy knowing the children under our watch are getting quality care, and that they are learning important skills that will last them for a lifetime.

If you are a principal, school leader, a parent, and are interested in these classes for your students or your child’s school, please email partnerships@creativitysoccerpro.com and we will help you get on the road to a successful program at your school.