Talent Development Center

We have created The “Talent Development Center”, a big part of our long term vision that focuses on developing potential to become talent that runs the game.

There is a lot of confusion in this terminology, and a lack of understanding and clarity about “Developing Young Players”. Talent is often see for young players as the ability to outperform their peers or as the ability to perform at the highest level, but less attention is given to the process to get to that level, what it takes to get there. The model that Creativity Soccer Pro works is to represent as a sort of laboratory that develop potential into talent to deliver great performance and run the game.

This program is an essential choice for players ages 4- 7 who are looking for an effective and demanding environment to transform their potential into talent to move to the next level and play for our travel Team, Academy and Beyond.

Enrollment to this program is upon selection from our regular weekly classes or through a comprehensive assessment. By accepting a spot for this program, parents and players MUST understand the Creativity Soccer Pro PCDE’s to limit performance regression and develop players to become the best they can possibly be.

Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence (PCDE’s)

  • Commit year round and role clarity
  • Planning and organization
  • Goal setting and self-reinforcement
  • Training & Practice
  • Realistic performance evaluation
  • Self-regulation
  • Creating and using support network

Team Practice and Game

Selected players are invited to attend the Talent Development Center in their town. Each Town has a team of each category, form with players born in the same calendar year. Each team has a maximum of 8 players, receive one training session per week and play small sided games town against town at a designated game field where all the games will take place. The teams also participate in many local tournaments throughout the year under the leadership of our experienced coaches.

Top players from each town are invited to join the travel team of their age to start competing in the most notable league around the Metropolitan area such as JSS, Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League (CJCSL), New York Club Soccer League (NYCSL) and play State Cup games to measure their talents.

Below are the towns that have Center Developmental Program. See the one that best suits you to register.​​ Spots are limited! For evaluation, please email admin@creativitysoccerpro.com or Click HERE to set up an appointment.

Marine Park (Marine Park)

Parade Ground (Caton Park)

Seaview Park (Canarsie)

Coney Island (Sea Breeze Park)

Crown Heights (Brower Park)

Park Slope (Prospect Park)

Williamsburg (Cooper Park)

Midwood (Kolbert Park)