Creativity Soccer Pro weekly soccer classes are based on age-specific curricula that are developmentally appropriate to accommodate the toddler’s, preschooler’s, and school’s-age children level and to ensure that each child is improving. 

  • Fundamental motor skills
  • Manipulative skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Non-locomotive skills are included in every class. 

We use child size equipment, low child to coach ratio, work a variety of movement skills individually, with partners, and, finally in a small group to ensure that each participant is improving at his/her own rate to gain the skills they need to develop strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and instill a love of team play and achieve end of stage goals and attainment targets, regardless of their abilities.

Classes usually meet once a week for about 40-60 minutes, depending on the age group. Our facilities include Parks, Indoor turf, Gymnasium, schools, outdoor field.

Please click on the age group below to find the location, day and time that best suit you.